Resident Evil Director's Cut PC Edition is a downloadable content addon mod for the PC version of Resident Evil. It was created by mod creator ViceDiaz.

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Story Edit

For years a secluded mansion and its grounds have been the site of top-secret biotechnic experiments. The research staff has been funded by a respected (if slightly unethical) corporation named Umbrella. The weekly laboratory reports have been increasingly vague and now they have stopped completely. Recent gory attacks near the mansion have lead to rumors of unnatural canines on the prowl. Something has gone terribly wrong.

Two S.T.A.R.S. teams (Special Tactics and Rescue Squad) are sent to investigate these strange and gruesome developments. Bravo Team mobilizes first and disappears almost immediately. Alpha Team follows, urgently driven towards the mansion. As either Chris Redfield or Jill Valentine, two valuable parts of the Alpha team, you work your way inside. Everything is quiet... too quiet.

Features Edit

The latest Addon features features two unique features that enhance the game dramatically.

1.New Background Music(BGM) has been added which give it more of a horror/mystery feeling.

2.New Weapons Sound Effects(SFX) was added to give the weapons a more realistic feeling

Images Edit

RESIDE1 2009-04-17 17-35-28-67

Title Screen

RESIDE1 2009-04-19 19-34-27-78

Richard Dead

RESIDE1 2009-04-19 19-38-12-98

Capping Zombies

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