Resident Evil Outbreak File#3 is the third installment of the famous surivival horror franchise Resident Evil,and was created by mod creator BeeswaX.
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Story Edit

Set in September 1998,during the events of Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3.Eight citezins of Raccoon City fight to stay alive and find a way out of the doomed zombie infested city.but it will not be easy.Hideous mutants and blood thirsty zombies will get in their way to stop the survivors at any cost to prevent them from escaping Raccoon City.

Differences Between Files 1,2,&3 Edit

The first two Outbreak games used scenerio levels that had their own story that you get to play.In Outbreak File# 3 the scenerio selections have been dropped but the character selection will remain intact.The idea for this game is to give the player more freedom to explore Raccoon City like never before.(Example:Resident Evil 3 Nemesis).

Online Capabilities Edit

There are plans to make the game online to keep the Outbreak tradition alive.The modes for the online mode includes:

1.Survival Mode-Work with a friend to stay alive.

2.Showdown Mode(Traditional)-Take out all the bosses to reach your goal.

3.Freeroam Mode-Wander Raccoon City alone or with friends.

4.Raccoon City Survivor-Every Man For Themselves!!!!

Survival Mode is a mode where you have to stay alive as long as possible.

Showdown Mode is an "Outbreak Tradition" mode where you fight All the Bosses from the entire outbreak series.

Freeroam Mode is a New mode where you can do what ever you want.kill zombies,explore locations,etc.

Raccoon City Survivor is a new deathmath mode where everyone goes up against each other to earn points.

There might be more selections coming soon!

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